Welcome to the
Hybrid Intelligence (HI) Lab!

In HI lab, our mission is to better integrate human and machine intelligence to achieve better outcomes than either alone. Specifically, we model, predict, and shape human-AI communication, social cooperation , and long-term coevolution in both social and safety-critical environments.


PhD Students

Emanuel Rojas

Second-year Ph.D. student focusing on trust repair and contagion in human-robot teams.

Shuyuan (Dario) Liu

Incoming Ph.D. student interested in Affective Computing, HCI, and Human-Robot Interaction.

Trevor Patten

Incoming Ph.D. student with a focus on HRI, feedback mechanisms, and robot teammate perceptions.

Master Students

Yan Tian

First-year MS-HCI student with a focus on human-centered technology designs for disabilities.

Saba Alemayehu

First-year masters student in UX research and technology interaction.

Hannah Agbaroji

First-year Masters student in HCI with a focus on assistive technology and human-AI interactions.

Debbie Hsu

First-year Master's student studying Human-Computer Interaction with a focus on human-AI interaction.


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